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WW1 Era Signal Corp Insignia

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Signal Corps 1908-1918

During the ten years that United States military aviation was a part of the Signal Corps [1908-1918] aviators tried to get a distinctive collar device to denote aviation. Several jewelers produced various designs of unauthorized insignia during the period, and every design included some element of the basic Signal Corps insignia with wings added. Aviation cadets were the men who most often wore the unauthorized insignia, a practice that produced a War Department order in December 1917 directing that only the authorized Signal Corps insignia would be worn.

This collar device is die stamped in one piece, the wings being an integral part of the insignia and not attached with solder. They are blackened bronze with a pin-back attachment.

For information on these insignia see Terry R. Morris, United States Army Air Service Wing Badges, Uniforms, and Insignia, 1913-1918, illustration C-3, page 37; and Duncan Campbell, Aviation Badges and Insignia of the United States Army, 1913-1946, illustration 6, pp. 35-37.

WW1 Corporal in Signal Corps Units

WW1 Corporal in Signal Corps Units

M1902 Sergeant in Signal Corp Units

M1902 Private in Signal Corp Unit

1892 Spanish American War Period Sergeant in Signal Corp Units

1892 Spanish American War Period
Private in Signal Corp Units

1892 Spanish American War Period Corporal in Signal Corp Units-Left Arm

1892 Spanish American War Period Corporal in Signal Corp Units-Right Arm

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