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For many years I have been looking for a way to display my military insignia. Like most collectors, I have had to settle for dusty boxes of shoulder sleeve insignia (patches) in closets, and worn out 3-ring binders for my distinctive insignias (crests). With the web, I now have a permanent and never ending display case for my hobby...Thanks for looking, Mike

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Institute of Heraldry Pages

The US Institute of Heraldry (IOH) is continuously updating its archives of drawings of Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI). I will occasionally go through their lists and add to this page. Many people visit this site to try to identify SSI of the US Army. My collection has gaps in many areas. For example, I have not have scanned into this site many of the Brigade level units authorized in the last 15 - 20 years. This page will show insignia authorized by the IOH that are not yet displayed in my collection. Hopefully this will help you find and identify what you are looking for.

These are patches of the units my father was assigned to during the Korean War.

10th Division

Military Dist of Washington

Japanese Logistics Cmd.

Far East

16th Corps

About US Army

I started collecting patches and crests when I was 12 years old. My dad had saved his unit patches from when he was in the Army during the Korean War. I still remember him showing me his Military District of Washington patch. I was hooked!  We visited local surplus stores where I bought more patches and crests for 25 cents each. Yes, 25 cents. Obviously a long time ago. My interest in collecting has been hot and cold over the last 45 years. I am once again enthused with collecting since I  have a way to display my hobby. 

This is a work in progress. I have thousands of US Army shoulder sleeve patches, WW2 home front -sweetheart items, flashes and ovals, and many more US Army military insignia items to scan, identify and publish to this web site. I personally use this site to see if I have the variation of an Army unit shoulder patch I am interested in. It's easier to look up a patch here than physically go through boxes to determine if I have that specific variation.

Keep in mind I am displaying my military insignia for my benefit and I am not guaranteeing any type of historical accuracy with what I collect. This is only a display of what I collect and is not intended to be more than that. I try to identify everything, but there are bound to be mistakes as this is a very tedious project and the subject matter is very broad. Please let me know If you see something I have incorrectly identified and I will gladly make the correction.

There are some reproductions, collector copies,  patch blanket insignia, and other types of insignia in my collection that may not have been authorized for soldiers to wear in WW1 or WW2. I do not have the personal knowledge to specifically identify every item as "real" or otherwise.  Many of the "experts" have difficulty identifying certain patches as real or otherwise. 

I only collect what interests me. I hope you follow the same in your collecting efforts.

If you want to use my images, feel free. Please give this site the credit if you download and use any of these images on the web. That would be nice of you, since these images are copyrighted.

My "stuff" is not for sale. (Unless you offer me enough to retire, please email me immediately.J)   I will try to list all items numerically and alphabetically, and will try to note the variation of color, manufacturer, style, or weave collected. I may not have every patch or variation within a particular sequence or color combination, but man, do I have a lot...

Thanks for stopping by US Army and I hope you enjoy looking...Mike

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