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Rank Insignia - Enlisted and Officers

Spanish American War

M1902 era

WW1 Era

WW2 Era

Korean War Era

Vietnam Era

Post Vietnam to Current

Officer Insignia


Spanish American War Era and Later - Enlisted Rank Insignia

SAW Artificer-a.gif (182621 bytes)
Artificer on kaki cloth

SAW Artificer-b.gif (223535 bytes)
Artificer on black wool

SAW Cook United States Scout-a.gif.gif (47788 bytes)
Cook - United States Scouts
on black wool

SAW Cook-a.gif.gif (229526 bytes)
Cook on black wool

SAW Cook-b.gif.gif (328859 bytes)
Cook on kaki cloth

SAW Ferrier-a.gif.gif (352500 bytes)
Ferrier on black wool

SAW Ferrier-b.gif.gif (36330 bytes)
Ferrier on black wool

SAW Pioneer-a.gif.gif (225691 bytes)
Pioneer on black wool

SAW Ordnance Sgt-a.gif.gif (186624 bytes)

Sgt  - Ordnance

SAW Artillery Corporal-a.gif (152627 bytes)
Corporal - Artillery

SAW Arty Color Corporal-a.gif (182897 bytes)
Color Corporal - Artillery

SAW Cav Sgt Ordnance-a.gif.gif (226180 bytes)
Ordnance Sgt - Cavalry

SAW Cavalry Drum Major Sgt-a.gif.gif (252542 bytes)
Drum Major - Cavalry

SAW Cavalry Sgt 1st-a.gif.gif (244224 bytes)
1st Sgt - Cavalry

SAW Cav QM Sgt-a.gif.gif (209709 bytes)
Quartermaster Sgt - Cavalry

SAW Cavalry Sgt Master-a.gif.gif (212779 bytes)
Master Sgt - Cavalry

SAW Commissary Sgt-a.gif.gif (237428 bytes)
Commissary Sgt 

SAW Drum Major Sgt-a.gif.gif (316870 bytes)
Drum Major Sgt

SAW Hospital Sgt-a.gif (263604 bytes)
Hospital Steward Sgt

SAW Hospital Sgt-b.gif.gif (244415 bytes)
Hospital Steward Master Sgt

SAW Hospital Steward-a.gif (57121 bytes)
Hospital Steward Private

SAW Inf 1st Sgt-a.gif.gif (324701 bytes)
1st Sgt - Infantry

SAW Inf 1st Sgt-b.gif.gif (230901 bytes)
1st Sgt - Infantry

SAW Signal Corp Corporal-Left.gif.gif (243803 bytes)
Signal Corp Corporal - left sleeve

SAW Signal Corp Corporal-Right.gif.gif (230985 bytes)
Signal Corp Corporal - right sleeve

SAW Signal Corp Sgt-a.gif.gif (249901 bytes)
Signal Corp Sgt

SAW Signal Corp Corporal Arty-a.gif.gif (184229 bytes)
Signal Corp Sgt assigned to Artillery

SAW Unknown-a.gif (23102 bytes)

SAW Unknown-b.gif (29517 bytes)

West Point Cadets

West Point Cadet-a.gif (235588 bytes)

West Point Cadet-b.gif (197103 bytes)

West Point Cadet-c.gif (190391 bytes)

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