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Pocket Patches

Poc AAF on felt.gif (51325 bytes) 
Army Air Forces

Poc Artillery Aviation.gif (46981 bytes)
Artillery Aviation

Artillery Units

Poc Aviation Engineers.gif (84867 bytes)
Aviation Engineers

Poc Aviation Engineers-B.gif (65309 bytes)
Aviation Engineers

Poc Bomb Disposal Personnel.gif (28396 bytes)
Bomb Disposal

Poc Corps of Engineers.gif (34008 bytes)
Corps of Engineers

Poc Military Police on felt.gif (59752 bytes)
Military Police

Air Defense Command

Poc Retired Pilots Assn.gif (57648 bytes)
Retired Pilots

Poc Signal Corps-A on felt.gif (50049 bytes)
Signal Corps

Poc Signal Corps-B fe.gif (50895 bytes)
Signal Corps

Poc   1st Div Arty.gif (43588 bytes)
1st Inf Div Artillery
Poc   1st Div HQ and HQ Company.gif (44492 bytes)
1st Div HQ 
& HQ Company

1st Div Sniper

1st Div Sniper

1st Army Marksman

2nd Army Marksman


3rd Army Marksman-3rd Army Felt Jacket Patch

4th Army Marksman Team

5th Army Marksman Awards

5th Army Marksman Awards

Poc 9 Inf HQ.gif (61619 bytes)
2nd Div
9th Inf Reg HQ

Poc 9 Inf 1BN.gif (64743 bytes)
2nd Div
9th Inf Reg 1st Bn

Poc 9 Inf 2BN.gif (65132 bytes)
2nd Div
9th Inf Reg 2nd Bn

Poc 9 Inf 3BN.gif (68782 bytes)  
2nd Div
9th Inf Reg 3rd Bn

Poc 9 Inf Mach Gun Co.gif (70767 bytes)
2nd Div
9th Inf Reg Mach Gun Bn

Poc 9 Inf Supply.gif (69168 bytes)
2nd Div
9th Inf Reg Supply Btn

2nd Div Marathon Run

Poc   3rd Medical Regt.gif (64418 bytes)
3rd Medical Regt

Poc 4th Armored Div.gif (80531 bytes)
4th Armored Div

Poc 4th Inf Div Rifle-Pistol Team.gif (60363 bytes)
4th Inf Div 
Rifle Pistol Team

Poc 5th Inf Div Rifle-Pistol Team.gif (61424 bytes)
5th Inf Div 
Rifle Pistol Team

7th Division-40th Armor

8th Army - 519th MP Bn

Poc  10th Div HQ.gif (55351 bytes)
10th Div HQ

11th Div Jacket Patch

11th Corps Marksman

Poc  14th Anti Aircraft.gif (51730 bytes)
14th Anti Aircraft Bn

24th Division

24th Division

24th Division

24th Division

14th Inf Regt - 25th Div

27th Inf Regt-25th Div

79th Tank Btn - 25th Div

25th Div Raiders

33rd MP Company

Poc  35th Armored Regt.gif (59847 bytes)
35th Armored Inf Regt

Poc  36th Engr Bn.gif (48215 bytes)
36th Engineer Bn

Poc  37th Eng Regt.gif (103180 bytes)
37th Engineer Regt

43rd Div Association

43rd Div

43rd Div

Poc  49th Anti Aircraft Bde.gif (56554 bytes)
49th Anti Aircraft Bde

Poc  71st Inf Reg.gif (40516 bytes)
71st Inf Regt

Poc 77th Signal Bn-a.gif (28308 bytes)
77th Signal Bn

63rd Inf Div Desert Storm

82nd Abn Inf Div 
Command & Control
Poc  82nd Div Support Cmd.gif (65086 bytes)
82nd Abn Inf Div 
Support Command

82nd Abn Div Sniper

82nd Abn Div Sniper

82nd Abn Div Sniper

86th Div Marksman

Poc  98th Field Arty Bn.gif (46716 bytes)
98th Field Artillery Bn

Poc  98th Field Arty Bn-b.gif (53672 bytes)
98th Field Artillery Bn
Color Variation

Poc 99th Bn Combat Team.gif (32820 bytes)
99th Bn Combat Team

Poc 99th Inf Bn.gif (43481 bytes)
99th Inf Bn

101st Sniper Team

101st Sniper Team

Poc 249th Arty Regt.gif (34597 bytes)
249th Artillery Regt

Poc 480th Field Arty Bn.gif (59767 bytes)
480th Field Artillery Bn

549th MP Company

Poc 3133rd Sig Signal Service Co.gif (71975 bytes)
3133rd Signal
Service Company

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