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Left is the old police patch showing the old wooden bridge.
On the right is the new police patch showing the new metal & concrete bridge.

Misc Patch ASMIC.gif (58034 bytes)
American Society of
Military Insignia Collectors

Misc Medical Bullion-a.gif (73228 bytes)
Medical Device in Bullion

Misc Patch Engineer-a.gif (124414 bytes)
Engineers Jacket Patch

Misc Patch US Flag.gif (60086 bytes)

Misc Patch Italy POW-001.gif (124289 bytes)Misc Patch Italy POW Cap Badge fe.gif (27116 bytes)
Italian Prisoner of War Identification Patches

Misc Patch Non Combat Messenger fe.gif (53302 bytes)
US Non-Combat

Misc Patch Non Combat Scientific Consultant fe.gif (54910 bytes)
US Non-Combat
Scientific Consultant

Misc Patch Non Combat Operations Anaylist.gif (60565 bytes)
US Non-Combat Operations Analyst

Misc Patch Non Combat Army Service Clubs.gif (50119 bytes)
US Non-Combat
Army Service Clubs

US Non-Combat War Correspondent

US Non-Combat Technical Observer

US Non-Combat Technical Representative

Misc Patch Official Photographer fe.gif (46522 bytes)
Official US Army

Armbands / Banners

Misc Armband CQ.gif (187328 bytes)

Misc Banner 82nd-a.gif (486056 bytes)
82nd Airborne Banner

Misc Banner 82nd-b.gif (384669 bytes)
82nd Airborne Banner

Foreign Insignia


Brit Arc Commando-a.gif (23448 bytes)

Brit Arc Royal Artillery-a.gif (28757 bytes)

Brit Arc Royal Engineers-a.gif (33268 bytes)

Brit Image3.gif (52083 bytes)

Brit Image4.gif (35440 bytes)

Brit Image5.gif (21956 bytes)

Brit Image6.gif (28959 bytes)

5th. Anti-aircraft Division (T.A.) formed in Sept. 1938 6th. AA. Div., formed in Sept '39 Airborne Forces,
first formed in 1941
North Highland District of Scottish Command. H.Q 56th. (London) Inf. Div., raised in Nov. 1940
Many thanks to Colin Bell of the UK for helping me identify these insignia.


Korean Inf Div 12th on felt.gif (46106 bytes)
12th Korean Inf Div on Felt

Misc. Books

     Misc Book Wolf Appleton SSI Cover.gif (574287 bytes)

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