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Divisions - Home Page

Includes Patches, Patch Type DIs, Sweetheart Items, Misc Items displaying a Division Insignia

WW1 all the way to current era division shoulder sleeve insignia are included on these pages.
Any Sweetheart or Home Front items with the division insignia prominently displayed will be included.


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41st Div - 50th Div
1st Div - 10th Div 51st Div - 80th Div
11th Div - 20th Div 81st Div - 90th Div
21st Div - 30th Div 91st Div - 100th Div
31st Div - 40th Div 101st Div - 157th Div

WW2 Ghost or Phantom Divisions

6th Airborne

9th Airborne




18th Airborne

21st Airborne









135th Airborne



Click here for one of the best explanations of Operation Fortitude I have read to date.

The reason for Phantom Divisions was to make the Germans think there were many more divisions ready for combat in Britain.  These patches were worn by soldiers throughout Southern England as a ruse to make the German agents (spies) think there was a larger buildup of American forces than was real. This was dubbed Operation Fortitude and was commanded (less than enthusiastically) by General George Patton. The following Divisions were approved by the War Department to further reinforce the ruse.

6th Airborne Division - 9th Airborne Division - 11th Infantry Division - 14th Infantry Division - 17th Infantry Division - 18th Airborne Division - 21st Airborne Division - 22nd Infantry Division - 46th Infantry Division - 48th Infantry Division - 50th Infantry Division - 55th Infantry Division - 59th Infantry Division - 108th Infantry Division - 119th Infantry Division - 130th  Infantry Division - 135th Airborne Division - 141st Infantry Division - 157th Infantry Division

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