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Institute of Heraldry

The US Institute of Heraldry (IOH) is continuously updating its archives of drawings of Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI). I will occasionally go through their lists and add to this page. My reason for putting this information here is many people visit this site to try to identify SSI of the US Army. My collection has gaps in many areas. For example, I have not have scanned into this site many of the Brigade level units authorized in the last 15 - 20 years. This page will show insignia authorized by the IOH that are not yet displayed in my collection. Hopefully this will help you find and identify what you are looking for. ||| Thanks-Mike

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      Medical---Military Intelligence---Military Police---Mission Support---Named (Alphabetical)---Numbered


  • US Army Medical Command
  • US Army Medical Research and Development Command
  • US Army Medical Command Europe
  • Medical Command Korea
  • Joint Military Medical Command, US Army Element
  • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

  • 3rd Medical Command
  • 7th Medical Command
  • 18th Medical Command
  • 30th Medical Command
  • 44th Medical Command
  • 807th Medical Command

  • 1st Medical Brigade
  • 2nd Medical Brigade
  • 4th Medical Brigade
  • 5th Medical Brigade
  • 7th Medical Brigade
  • 8th Medical Brigade

  • 32nd Medical Brigade
  • 44th Medical Brigade
  • 62nd Medical Brigade
  • 112th Medical Brigade
  • 175th Medical Brigade
  • 213th Medical Brigade

  • 330th Medical Brigade
  • 332nd Medical Brigade
  • 338th Medical Brigade
  • 426th Medical Brigade
  • 804th Medical Brigade
  • 818th Medical Brigade

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      Maneuver Enhancement---Medical---Military Intelligence---Military Police---Mission Support---Named (Alphabetical)---Numbered

Military Intelligence

  • 2nd Military Intelligence Command
  • 66th Military Intelligence Group
  • 650th Military Intelligence Group
  • 902nd Military Intelligence Group

  • 205th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 207th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 300th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 319th Military Intelligence Brigade

  • 470th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 500th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 501st Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 513th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 704th Military Intelligence Brigade

Military Police

  • 46th Military Police Command
  • 200th Military Police Command
  • 260th Military Police Command
  • 300th Military Police Command

  • 4th Military Police Brigade
  • 8th Military Police Brigade
  • 11th Military Police Brigade
  • 15th Military Police Brigade
  • 16th Military Police Brigade

  • 18th Military Police Brigade
  • 42nd Military Police Brigade
  • 43rd Military Police Brigade
  • 49th Military Police Brigade
  • 89th Military Police Brigade

  • 177th Military Police Brigade
  • 220th Military Police Brigade
  • 290th Military Police Brigade
  • 300th Military Police Brigade
  • 333rd Military Police Brigade
  • 800th Military Police Brigade

Mission Support

  • 1st Mission Support Command
  • 9th Mission Support Command

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      Maneuver Enhancement---Medical---Military Intelligence---Military Police---Mission Support---Named (Alphabetical)---Numbered

Named (Alphabetical)

  • Acquisition Support Center
  • Airborne Command With Tab
  • Airborne Command
  • Allied Forces Headquarters
  • Armor Center
  • Army Air Forces

  • Army Broadcasting System
  • Army Corrections Command
  • Army Materiel Command
  • Army National Guard Recruiting
    and Retention Force
  • Army National Guard Training Center
    Garrison Cmd
  • Army National Guard

  • Army Reserve Careers Division
  • Army Reserve Command
  • Army Reserve Medical Command
  • Army Reserve Sustainment Command
  • Army Service Force Training Centers
  • Asymmetric Warfare Group

  • Central Army Group (USA Element)
  • Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Cmd
  • Combined Field Army (ROK-US)
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Criminal Investigation Command
  • Department of the Army Police

  • Department of the Army Staff Support
  • European Civil Affairs Division
  • Fires Center of Excellence
  • Foreign Intelligence Command
  • General Headquarters
  • Greenland Base Command

  • Hawaiian Separate Coast Artillery Brigade
  • Headquarters Company US Army
  • Headquarters Joint Readiness Training Center & Joint Readiness Training Center Operations Group
  • Honor Guard Tab For Selected Units
  • Honor Guard Tab For The Old Guard, 3d Infantry Regiment
  • Individual Ready Reserve

  • Information Systems Engineering Command
  • Installation Management Command
  • Intelligence and Security Command
  • Joint Forces Command (USA Element)
  • Kagnew Station-East Africa
  • Korean Communications Zone

  • Legal Services Agency
  • Maneuver Center of Excellence
    Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Maneuver Support Center of Excellence
    Fort Leonard Wood
  • Manhattan District, Army Service Force
  • Marianas Bonins Command
  • Military District of Washington

  • Military Entrance Processing Command (DOD)
  • Military Intelligence Readiness Command
  • Military Police Brigade, Hawaii
  • Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
  • National Guard Civil Suppport Teams (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
  • National Guard Operations Spt Airlift Command

  • National Guard Training Center Garrison Command
  • National Training Center
  • NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
  • Network Enterprise Technology Command
  • Northwest Service Command
  • Pacific Coastal Frontier

  • Panama Canal Department
  • Panama Canal Division
  • Persian Gulf Service Command
  • Personnel Assigned to DOD and Joint Activities
  • Philippine Battalion
  • Philippine Combat Headquarters

  • Philippine Command
  • Ports of Embarkation
  • President's Hundred Tab
  • Recruiting Command
  • Regional HQ Allied Forces North Europe
  • ROTC Cadet Command

  • Soldiers Media Center
  • Southeast Asia Command
  • Southern European Task Force
  • Space and Missile Defense Command
  • Sustainment Center of Excellence, Fort Lee, Virginia
  • Training and Doctrine Command

  • United States Flag-Left
  • United States Flag-Right
  • US Africa Command
  • US Marine Corps Former Wartime Service Shoulder Sleeve Insignia Subdued
  • US Marine Corps Former Wartime Service Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
  • US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

  • US Military Mission to Moscow, USSR
  • US Northern Command
  • US Pacific Command
  • US Southern Command
  • US Transportation Command (USA Element)
  • USA Air Defense Command

  • USA Air Traffic Services Command
  • USA Alaska
  • USA Berlin
  • USA Broadcasting System
  • USA Central Command
  • USA Combined Arms Support Command
    and Fort Lee

  • USA Community and Family Support Center
  • USA Cyber Command
  • USA European Command (USA Element)
  • USA Field Band
  • USA Forces Command
  • USA Garrison Hawaii

  • USA Ground Forces Replacement Depots
  • USA Human Resources Command
  • USA Japan
  • USA Marksmanship Unit
  • USA Military Police Command, Panama
  • USA Mission

  • USA North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • USA North
  • USA Ordnance Missile Command
  • USA Pacific Air Command
  • USA Pacific
  • USA Parachute Team

  • USA Reserve Joint and Special Troops Support Command
  • USA Reserve Legal Command
  • USA Reserve Personnel Command
  • USA Test and Evaluation Command
  • USA Training Center, Fort Jackson
  • USA Trial Defense Service

  • USA Vietnam
  • USAE Central Army Group
  • USAE Central Command
  • USAE Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan
  • USAE Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435
  • USAE Iceland Defense Force

  • USAE Multi-National Corps-Iraq
  • USAE Multi-National Force-Iraq
  • USAE North American Aerospace Defense Command
  • USAE United States Forces - Afghanistan
  • USAE United States Southern Command

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      Maneuver Enhancement---Medical---Military Intelligence---Military Police---Mission Support---Named (Alphabetical)---Numbered

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