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Institute of Heraldry

The US Institute of Heraldry (IOH) is continuously updating its archives of drawings of Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI). I will occasionally go through their lists and add to this page. Many people visit this site to try to identify SSI of the US Army. My collection has gaps in many areas. For example, I have not have scanned into this site many of the Brigade level units authorized in the last 15 - 20 years. This page will show insignia authorized by the IOH that are not yet displayed in my collection. Hopefully this will help you find and identify what you are looking for. Thanks-Mike

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Groups---Armies---Corps---Divisions---Service Commands

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Air Defense Artillery---Airborne---Armored---Artillery---Aviation---Battlefield Surveillance---Cavalry---Chemical

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Civil Affairs---Engineer---Field Force---Finance---Fires Brigades---Infantry Brigades---Information Operations---Maneuver Enhancement

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Medical---Military Intelligence---Military Police---Mission Support---Named (Alphabetical)---Numbered

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Ordnance---Personnel---Quartermaster---Ranger---Regional Support Commands---Reserve Command---Schools---Signal Corps

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Special Operations---State Commands---Support---Sustainment---Tabs---Transportation

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